Defining Youth Engagement Through Art

Oct 24, 2022 | #YouthEngagement, #YouthVoice

by the 2021-22 CEI Youth Advisory Group |

In July 2022, the CEI’s Youth Advisory Group came together for the final meeting of their term, and created some beautiful tiles that represent what youth engagement means to them, or something they feel is important about youth engagement. View their artwork by exploring the gallery below.

A small square painting, with large yellow drips appearing to fall over a blue background.

Jane Goguen

A collage of words from magazines on a blue and purple background.

Jessie Taylor

The words "youth voice" are printed in markered block letters, framed by green and pink patterned paper.

Stacie Smith

A series of collaged words on a multi-patterned background.

Sydney Van de Wiel

Collage words and a cut-out picture of a cartoon kid dancing, on a background of collaged newspaper.

Addy Strickland

Collaged words and small drawings on a background that is half brown and half multicoloured.

Laura Cormier

A yellow background with black flowers and vines drawn over it, alongside some words.


A blurred image of youth sitting in a classroom, looking at a whiteboard. The image was generated using AI.

Patrick Bowen

A small square painting, featuring a blue pair of glasses above the words "adult youth together" on a mottled red and white background.

Matthew Breau

The 2021-22 CEI Youth Advisory Group

The 2021-22 CEI Youth Advisory Group

Brennah Agnew, Isabella Chacon Chavez, Jane Goguen, Jessie Taylor, Laura Cormier, Matthew Breau, Patrick Bowen, Stacie Smith, Sydney Van de Wiel, Westin McMullin


The 2021-22 CEI Youth Advisory Group was made up of ten youth members aged 18-29, representing a number of regions across our province. From October 2021 to July 2022, the group met bi-monthly to support the creation of the Youth Engagement Framework – sharing and writing about their own experiences, offering feedback on draft framework sections, and supporting outreach efforts among their peers.