Why Hire Youth? An Infographic

Oct 22, 2022 | #YouthEngagement

by Patrick Bowen |

I wanted to create a set of pieces that were visual, and concisely summarized the benefits of hiring youth into the workforce. They strive to draw viewer attention and highlight the boost to productivity, skill-sharing and subsidization that is available. This type of piece was of particular interest because I wanted to provide additional sources of encouragement for organizations and their decision makers, beyond the more apparent, inherent benefits of youth engagement. I had the chance to improve some graphic design and research skills along the way. 

Patrick Bowen

Patrick Bowen

CEI Youth Advisory Group Member, 2021-22


Patrick Bowen is a machine learning engineer and a research assistant at St. Francis Xavier University. He attended the University of New Brunswick for a BScE in Chemical Engineering and is currently attending StFX for a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence. He is passionate about providing youth with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the future of work.