Creating a Trauma-Informed Workplace, an Infographic

Oct 22, 2022 | #WelcomingSpaces, #WellBeing

by Sydney Van de Wiel |

This is a brief infographic about trauma-informed workplaces. The infographic is not intended to be comprehensive, rather it introduces the idea of a trauma-informed workplace and provides some concise actions that can help create a safer workplace. I would encourage employers to not only use the suggestions in the infographic, but to continue to learn more about trauma and how to support staff. I designed this infographic because I believe that compassionate, trauma-informed workplaces benefit staff, employers, and clients. I feel passionate about creating healthy communities, and trauma-informed practice is a critical part of that.    

Sydney Van de Wiel

Sydney Van de Wiel

CEI Youth Advisory Group Member, 2021-22


Sydney Van De Wiel recently graduated from St. Francis Xavier University with an Honours degree in Women’s and Gender Studies. For the past year, Sydney has worked at the Antigonish Women’s Centre on various violence prevention projects. She is passionate about building safe communities and promoting healthy relationships. Sydney loves to hike, read, and knit.