“Understanding Social Entrepreneurship is the leading textbook that provides students with a comprehensive overview of the field. It brings the mindset, principles, strategies, tools, and techniques of entrepreneurship into the social sector to present innovative solutions to todayís vexing social issues. Kickul and Lyons cover all the key topics relevant to social entrepreneurship, including a detailed examination of each of the steps in the entrepreneurial process.
This edition includes several new features:
? new international cases and examplesóproviding students with a broader understanding of social entrepreneurship globally;
? updated ëvoices from the fieldí boxesóthis popular feature shows how social entrepreneurship functions in the real world; and
? four new chaptersócovering the emerging topics of lean start-up, support ecosystems, social intrapreneurship, and social entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability.
Bringing together a rigorous theoretical foundation and a strong practical focus, it is the go-to resource for students of social entrepreneurship. The companion website includes an instructorís manual, PowerPoint slides, and other tools to
provide additional support for students and instructors”