The Benefits of Age: An Annotated Bibliography of Strategies that Support Improved Labor Market Participation for Older Workers

“In the spring of 2011, Vision for An Age Friendly Edmonton: Action Plan was published. This five year plan provides strategic direction to meet the needs of seniors in Edmonton. Containing nine key strategic areas with 18 goals and associated actions, the plan aims to improve the lives of Edmontonís seniors.
The key strategic areas are:
ï Community Support Services
ï Health Service, Communication and Information
ï Social and Recreational Participation
ï Transportation
ï Respect and Social Inclusion
ï Civic Participation, Volunteerism and Employment
ï Housing
ï Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
Working groups were established to focus on each of the key areas. In April 2013, the Civic Participation, Volunteerism and Employment Working Group explored goals and prioritized actions achievable within 6 months. One of the priority actions identified was conducting research and identifying and sharing best practices with regards to seniorsí participation in the workforce. The Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (ECVO) is a non-profit organization that provides capacity support to non-profits. ECVO was one of the facilitators in the development of A Workforce Strategy for Albertaís Non-profit and Voluntary Sector, and co-led Albertaís Workforce Council, a collaborative effort to support non-profit workforce development. As part of the Civic Participation, Volunteerism and Employment Working Group, ECVO has developed this annotated bibliography containing research reports and workforce strategies documenting successful approaches to improve participation of seniors in the labour market. “