Population aging
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Understanding Older Canadian Workers’ Perspectives on Aging in the Context of Communication and Knowledge Transfer

Background The Canadian population is aging, as is the Canadian workforce, resulting in an increase in different generations working with one another. The current study aims at understanding, from the older worker’s point of view, generational perceptions in the workplace, and further how such perceptions are linked with communication patterns as well as knowledge transfer. Analysis This study collected 167 responses from a survey of older workers. The questionnaire addressed variables under study such as intergenerational perceptions, and workplace communication and collaboration patterns. Conclusion and implications Results suggest that older workers perceived that their younger peers view them positively. Furthermore, older workers rely on accommodative communication patterns and favor knowledge transfer when interacting with younger colleagues

Understanding Employment Participation of Older Workers: The Canadian Perspective

Canada is expecting rapid population aging over the coming decades, a fact that has led many observersto question the sustainability of its pension systems. The effects of population aging, however, could
be mitigated by an extension of the working life. This article presents the results of a critical review of
Canadian knowledge about the determinants of retirement age and labour-market participation of older
workers. The determinants are grouped under ten ‘‘domains’’ covering micro, meso, and macro levels:
labour market, legislation, financial factors, social position, domestic domain, human resource management,
work-related factors, health, work ability, and motivation.