Social Innovation Labs

Social Innovation Labs are one approach to problem solving, and can be particularly useful when it comes to complex issues—ones that require us to look at the whole picture, from different perspectives, as an interconnected system of beings. The Social Innovation Lab approach recognize that life is ever-changing (unpredictable, with new opportunities and challenges emerging daily), and thus encourages the use of tools and techniques that help us recognize the changes we’re experiencing, learn from them, and collectively become drivers of system-change.

Social Innovation Labs are designed to be part of an ongoing process, focused on inspiring
different ways of thinking about the world, and how we approach challenges/opportunities. This approach can be used to address a multitude of BIG questions, but requires a strong foundation of collaboration, first-person perspective, an openness to ideas, and testing of multiple solutions.

Social Innovation Labs create the ‘container’ for diverse stakeholders to come together to share
knowledge, re-define complex challenges, identify opportunities and co-develop and test a range of creative solutions. Through this process, organizations and individuals develop adaptive change strategies that can better prepare communities to address future challenges and opportunities, while simultaneously deepening relationships and building their own capacity.

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The Future of our Collective Work