Our Key Pillars of Work

The Centre for Employment Innovation is defined by four key pillars of work:

Research and Innovation

  • Developing an evidence-based research and innovation agenda, and implementing it through a community-based network.
  • Working collaboratively with sector-based organizations and stakeholders to identify exemplary practices in employment and training service models.
  • Contributing to the internationalization of employment services.
  • Encouraging innovative practices, including the use of a bilingual website and virtual tools that connect service providers and respond to client needs.

Collaboration and Engagement

  • Building a trusting and collegial environment between the CEI, employment service providers, and other regional, national, and international stakeholders.
  • Establishing an inclusive and holistic community of learning.
  • Building strong relationships that reinforce the key role of employment services support in establishing a skilled, effective, and resilient workforce.
  • Encouraging and supporting service providers, government, education and post-secondary systems, employers, and industry groups to develop and utilize inclusive, interactive, connected, and client-centric employment programming and service delivery.

Capacity Building and Training

  • Fostering capacity building efforts that respect and recognize the specialized expertise and knowledge of current service providers.
  • Developing and fostering consistent and commonly-branded employment service and training models that have the flexibility and capacity to support local responsiveness.
  • Leveraging the outreach and accessibility supports within StFX to enhance the CEI’s activities.
  • Drawing upon the 90-year history of StFX Extension’s work to engage communities across Nova Scotia and throughout the Atlantic Region in socio-economic activities.

Governance and Leadership

  • Developing an inclusive and robust organizational governance model.
  • Focusing on outcomes that build capacity and confidence.
  • Providing support and knowledge to strengthen leadership for partners.
  • Positioning the CEI within the StFX Extension Department, with linkages to StFX faculties and research departments, and connecting it to communities across Nova Scotia.