Our Team

Adelaide (Addy) Strickland
Impact and Innovation Officer

"Young people are changing the course of our future. Creating spaces for youth to engage with each other and their communities in new ways, and to work on big issues is crucial to building a better world for all of us."

Alaa Salih
Impact and Innovation Officer

“We believe that meaningful change can only be achieved when we truly listen to and value the unique perspectives and experiences of the communities we serve. By understanding their needs, priorities, and aspirations, we can develop effective approaches that have a lasting and meaningful impact.”

Brenda Gatera
CIIYE Coordinator

"Our biggest asset is the diversity of our communities. Our differences in perspectives, stories, knowledge and experiences are exactly where innovation emerges. Our work prioritizes inclusivity and collaboration in finding what is working and how these best practices can be shared, ensuring that those who are impacted by decisions have a voice throughout the process."

Jessica Popp
Interim Director

“The voice of the community is at the core of our work. We believe collaborative relationships are key to fostering a future that works for all.”

Jody Cook
Financial and Administrative Coordinator

“CEI provides Social Innovation Labs and Communities of Learning to foster collaboration; bringing community and system partners together to share, learn, and develop innovative initiatives that ultimately lead to meaningful employment for all.”

Joel Murphy
Impact and Innovation Officer

“Creating avenues and spaces for research to be initiated, driven, and informed by community and individual experiences within those communities is an integral act to encourage radical system changes”

Katie Stewart Snyder
Impact and Innovation Officer
"Elevating first voice and providing opportunities for community to share their stories is often a fundamental component to facilitating transformation within society."