Our Team

Jaime Smith
Executive Lead

"We focus on bringing together the people, knowledge, and assets that strengthen the employment services ecosystem and build capacity for positive change."

Dr. Paula Romanow
Manager of Applied Research

"We do research you can use. Our exploration of career development is practical, community-focused and above all, practitioner led.” 

Jessica Popp
Coordinator of Stakeholder Engagement

“The voice of the community is at the core of our work. We believe collaborative relationships are key to fostering a future that works for all.”

Angela Bear
Navigator of New Initiatives

“Supporting new employment initiatives, in collaboration with service providers, allows us to witness firsthand the breadth of innovation occurring within our province’s employment services system.”

Catherina MacIntyre
Research Assistant

“Our community-based approach to research emphasizes first-voice and is underpinned by the strategy: Listen, Learn, Discuss, Act."

Michael Adiyia
Research Coordinator

We research together with our community to gain and share knowledge and ultimately achieve sustained employment for all.