Our Organizational Network Map

A quick visual reference of the Centre for Employment Innovation’s current organizational connections.

Created by: Katie Stewart Snyder, Communications & Marketing Officer at the Centre for Employment Innovation

When I began working for the Centre for Employment Innovation (CEI) in July 2017, I initially found it challenging to wrap my head around our organization’s connection to various stakeholders within our network. As time went on, it became apparent that others were experiencing this same challenge. Without a strong background in career and/or community development in Nova Scotia, understanding our network relationships can be particularly confusing.

We’re an organization that is primarily employed by St. Francis Xavier University (StFX) but we work specifically within the StFX Extension Department. StFX Extension has been devoted to building communities in Atlantic Canada for 90 years. The CEI’s placement within StFX Extension is a natural fit given our shared organizational vision of creating a more skilled and resilient workforce in Nova Scotia. We also work alongside the Coady International Institute and within the Coady building itself. Both StFX Extension and the Coady International Institute began as a result of the Antigonish Movement, a century old community development movement that took root in rural Nova Scotia and spread globally.

Additionally, the CEI receives funding and support from the province’s Department of Labour and Advanced Education, with one of our primary mandates being to provide relevant career development research, best practices, tools, and collaborative opportunities to the Nova Scotia Works Centres. We also regularly collaborate on various programs, research and employment focused initiatives, with many other organizations in the province and across the country.


Recognizing that it is no easy task to explain our network relationships, I set about creating the CEI Network Map (see below). I hope you’ll find this tool useful as a quick visual reference for understanding some of our current organizational connections!

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