NOW Essential Program Components

    • Education and training will prepare participants for successful transition into their new workplace. This can include both occupation-based and/or formal education and training (e.g., upgrading if required, certification training) as well as essential and soft skills training (e.g., communication skills, work ethic, resume writing, interview skills).


    • Employer education and training will help to support more welcoming and culturally-safe work environments. This may include cultural competency and diverse workplace education and training.


    • On-the-job experience and training offered by the subsidized employer, which includes a full-time position (or a position that allows the participant to work to full capacity) for a sustained duration, will allow for full transition of the employee into the workplace. Subsidies will offset employee salary costs (please see above).


  • Ongoing wrap around supports and guidance both during the training period and on-the-job will provide participants with required resources for success (e.g. childcare, eldercare, accessibility adaptations, assistive technology, transportation, troubleshooting, etc.).