Jun 6, 2022 | News & Updates

Meet Ahmad!

Ahmad recently started working at the Centre for Employment Innovation (CEI) as the Marketing and Communications Intern. He has previously worked with StFX’s Student Success Centre, the StFX Students’ Union as well as The Career Studio at Schwartz School of Business. In his new role, Ahmad will help CEI implement and manage new initiatives and communicate the Centre’s ideology.  

Ahmad has spent a lot of his life in different parts of the world including Pakistan, the UK, USA and now Canada. He completed his sophomore year at the University of Illinois at Chicago before transferring to StFX., where he continues to play an active role in Student Government and other activities on campus. He is also an avid traveler which afforded him the privilege of meeting people from different walks of life and is always looking forward to learning about other cultures. 


“Just be yourself and have fun.” – Rob Lowe

Ahmad Mahmood

Marketing and Communications Intern, Centre for Employment Innovation