The Rupertsland Institute (RLI), established in 2010, was assigned a triple mandate in Métisresearch, education, and training. As part of its training mandate, the RLI assumed
responsibility for the delivery of the Métis Training to Employment (MTE) program. Prior to the
existence of the RLI, the MTE program was previously known as the Métis Labour Market
Development program and was delivered by the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA). Program
operations from the MNA to RLI took place in 2010. The Rupertsland Institute signed the current federal funding agreement on behalf of Metis people and as an affiliate of the MNA.
The Rupertsland Centre for Métis Research (RCMR) was established in 2011 through a
partnership between the Métis Nation of Alberta and the University of Alberta. The purpose of
the RCMR is to serve as an academic research program specifically designed for Métis

The MTE program offers an array of employment services, training opportunities and supports
to help Métis clients overcome barriers to meaningful employment. The MTE program is
federally funded through the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS).