The 2008 – 2009 Annual Implementation Plan lays out the strategic investments planned by the Province of Nova Scotia under the Canada Nova Scotia Labour Market Agreement (LMA). The plan provides an overview of current labour market challenges in Nova Scotia; a description of the eligible clients who will benefit from priority services; a description of the priority areas for programming and the intended objectives. It also identifies eligible programs, describes planned activities and projected expenditures for the year, and the expected results for the planned activities. The implementation plan for the LMA is guided by the vision put forward in the New Nova Scotia, a Path to 2020 document. The New Nova Scotia vision leading to 2020 is supported by 1 Opportunities for Sustainable Prosperity economic plan and Weaving the Threads: A Lasting Social Framework social plan. The five priorities of the New Nova Scotia vision have a strong focus on building a skilled workforce. This focus is further reflected in the business plans, reports and strategies of several departments, including the Skills Nova Scotia Framework and recommendations from the report of the Poverty Reduction Working Group. A major focus of all the strategies and plans is that of building a skilled workforce. The vision, objectives and principles of the LMA support key government priorities outlined in the economic and social plans of Nova Scotia.