May 6, 2021 | News & Updates

Marian-TurniawanMarian Turniawan recently accepted the role of Research Coordinator at the Centre for Employment Innovation (CEI) after working with StFX’s Student Success Centre over the past three years, designing and teaching its English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program. In her new role, Marian will support ongoing and future projects through research and developmental evaluation.

Although born and raised in Antigonish County, NS, Marian spent most of the last 15 years studying and working in different parts of North America and Asia. Marian completed a master’s degree in nature-society geography at Syracuse University in upstate New York with her research looking broadly at political ecology, agrarian change, and the work of social movements in constructing counter-hegemonic discourses as paths to societal transformation. She focused specifically on how the Brazilian Landless Rural Workers’ Movement (MST) used “peasant pedagogy” to incorporate agroecology as a way of life into the movement’s discourse, seeking to construct new understandings of people’s relationships with non-human natures and each other.

After having the privilege of learning from many amazing people in several different places, Marian is thrilled to have returned to her home community and looks forward to contributing to the CEI as it works toward Moses Coady’s vision of “a full and abundant life, for all”.

When I first learned of the CEI and its work, I was inspired by its commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, its innovative learning spaces, and its focus on collaboration. After only three weeks, it is apparent that I have joined a team of creative, compassionate, and dedicated people who understand that listening to and learning from diverse voices across our communities can drive transformation and positive social change. I am excited to contribute to the CEI’s vision of a better future for all Nova Scotians and continue my own learning journey alongside and with communities across the province.


Marian Turniawan

Research Coordinator, Centre for Employment Innovation