Apr 19, 2021 | News & Updates

Alyssa Mansfield has recently accepted the role of Research Assistant at the Centre for Employment Innovation (CEI). Already a valued member of the team, Alyssa has worked for the CEI over the past year as a Research Intern.

In her new role, Alyssa will continue to support the research arm of the CEI in any capacity needed, from research projects to evaluation.

Born and raised in Antigonish, NS, Alyssa graduated from StFX University in 2020 with an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Development Studies, with a distinct area of interest being how policy can affect cycles of inequality and marginalization.
I am excited to continue working with the Centre for Employment Innovation in my new role as Research Assistant. The opportunity to continue working and learning alongside the incredible team at the CEI, as well as the diverse partners and stakeholders within the employment system of Nova Scotia is something I am truly grateful for. I cannot wait to continue to support innovation within the employment sector in Nova Scotia to ensure that all individuals have the opportunity to find meaningful and fulfilling employment.
Alyssa Mansfield

Research Assistant, Centre for Employment Innovation