On July 3rd 2018, the StFX Extension Department’s Innovation and Enterprise Centre (IEC) kicked off their first G.I.V.E. (Girls in Venture and Entrepreneurship) Camp. G.I.V.E. is a two-day camp focused on teaching young girls about entrepreneurship and provides them with hands-on experience as entrepreneurs. The program was facilitated and led by the IEC’s Co-op Student, Kelsey Bowman, with the support of IEC Coordinator, Paula Brophy.

The first day of the camp involved learning about entrepreneurs, including a trip to the local Peace by Chocolate store. Everyone was welcomed into the store to taste some samples, hear their incredible story, and take pictures.

The remainder of the day was spent assembling and packaging products, which included candy kabobs, s’more kits, and surprise bags. The participants learned that not all of the money earned from sales, is money you get to keep – costs must be covered, a float must be removed, etc. This was an eye opener for many of them!

The second day of the camp consisted of the participants setting up as vendors at Stroll the Main, the annual street fair in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. They displayed the products created the previous day and customers were very pleased! Within the first few hours, they sold out of candy kabobs and surprise bags – this was very exciting for the participants. At the end of the camp, the participants determined their profit and chose to donate it all to a local cause.

G.I.V.E. is currently a pilot project but based on the success of the inaugural camp, the Innovation and Enterprise Centre hopes to offer it again in the future!

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