Social Innovation Lab: The Future of our Collective Work

The world of work is changing and it is important to understand how we can prepare for, adapt to, and shape our future possibilities.

As communities, organizations, and individuals, we have the assets and strengths to collectively address economic, environmental, and social challenges—to inspire meaningful change and to shape a future that works for all.

So, what could a future that works for ALL truly look like? And how do we get there together? These are the questions we have been exploring, as we strive to understand at the local level how we can best prepare and foster a future that works for everyone in our province.

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On September 19th, 2018, as part of the Nova Scotia Career Development Association’s Annual Conference, we explored The Future of Our Collective Work as a career development ecosystem. In attendance of this event were employment services professionals from around the province.

Together we began the process of sharing the work happening across Nova Scotia, identifying network assets and strengths, exploring opportunities for growth and development, and mapping ecosystem relationships – as part of an ongoing effort to best support Nova Scotians in their desires to lead exceptional lives.

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