This thesis examines the barriers to employment for people with disabilities in the province of Nova Scotia from the perspectives of service providers and individuals with disabilities. In response to the Federal report “Rethinking disAbility in the Private Sector,” this thesis uses the researcher’s involvement in an annual Inclusive Education and Employment Symposium to explore the barriers that are present within the political and economic system that limits the opportunities for employment for people with disabilities. From focus group data with Symposium organizers and conversations with Symposium participants with disabilities, I have examined five key issues that were found to be systematic barriers to employment for individuals with disabilities. These are employers’ attitudes, financial barriers and disincentives, lack of community and government participation, individual insecurities because of lack of qualifications and experience as well as continued discouragement, and lack of knowledge about available programs and services. Recommendations for improvement are presented at the end as potential ways to combat these concerns.