What is a lens tool? A lens tool provides a way of applying a special filter to our work. In this case, the lens tool encourages us to apply diversity and inclusion concepts to all we do for patients and their families. The Diversity and Inclusion Lens Tool is a set of questions meant to help staff, physicians, learners and volunteers consider the concepts of diversity, inclusion and equity in the development, revision, implementation and evaluation of programs, policies and practices. Why have a lens tool?   When the diversity of our staff, patients and families isn’t considered, our programs, policies and practices may not appropriately serve all of the people for which they are intended. This can lead to mistrust, delayed healing, misunderstanding and a reduced quality of service. In the end, this hurts our communities and all of us1 .    What is a lens tool kit?   To expand on the above definition… ? A lens tool refers to questions and reflection statements designed to help us take an inclusive and sometimes critical look at what we have been doing, what we want to do and how we want to work.   ? A lens tool kit refers to the collection of resources we have compiled, including the following three sections: Lens Tools, Understanding Our Communities and Resources.   ? It applies to our services, relationships, programs, policies, strategies and decisions.