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Age-Friendly Workplaces: Promoting Older Worker Participation

This report argues for the continued inclusion of older workers in the Canadian workforce. It begins by making an argument for retention, as well as addresses some misconceptions related to employing or retaining older workers. It focuses on how to create and support an intergenerational workforce, as well as provides a selection of case studies which support the argument for the integration and continued retention of older workers in the Canadian workforce.

2011-12 Annual PlanforLMA (Labor Market Agreement)andLMDA

This report describes the evaluation of the Labour Market Development Agreement which took place in all provinces and territories. In the Nova Scotian context, the LDMA maintained programming in Skills Development (Including Apprenticeships), Targeted Wage Subsidies (Start), Self-Employment, Job Creation Partnerships, and Employment Assistance Services. The document then offers a series of recommendations to strengthen the work of the LDMA to date. It then offers a brief history of the LDMA and the work thus far in a Canadian context.