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Apprenticeship START Program Guidelines

This guide outlines the START Apprenticeship program as it was implemented in Nova Scotia. The START program aims to incentivize employers to employing apprentices, as well as to provide a structured apprenticeship program in such a way as to verify skill development in apprentices as they move through the program. The START program also aims to help employers to support their apprentices as they move through their apprenticeship program. The program sought to identify apprentices from underrepresented groups such as Aboriginal Nova Scotian, African Nova Scotian, Immigrants, or Persons living with Disabilities, as well as those employers in an area considered to be rural – having a population of 10,000 or less.

A Guide to Programs and Services for Seniors in Ontario

This guide operates by topic, and connects individuals to supports and information related to those topics. The Contents are expansive, from Community activities, to Caregiving, Tax credits, Financial planning, Health and Wellness, Housing, Long-term Care Homes, Safety and security and many more. Each topic has an information section pertaining to it, and links to further information and support. This is a helpful guide to understanding the needs of older workers in Ontario, and the supports they are able to be connected to.