The Centre for Employment Innovation offers full bursaries to eligible applicants for select Coady Institute courses, in an effort to provide educational opportunities that may help our province:

  • increase diversity, equity and inclusion;
  • promote sustainability and/or strategic growth;
  • alleviate poverty and strengthen livelihoods;
  • provide unique skill-building and learning opportunities to employment services providers;
  • create meaningful employment opportunities for all residents of Nova Scotia.


Eligibility Requirements:

Full Bursaries are available from the Centre for Employment Innovation, for select Coady Institute courses, to eligible applicants from Nova Scotia. This includes applicants working for (or in a Board Director position in) a program or agency engaged in employment services delivery (priority is given to Nova Scotia Works employment services centres) as well as those engaged in social innovation activities to alleviate poverty, strengthen livelihoods and create more equitable employment and entrepreneurial opportunities with and for systemically oppressed groups, including African Nova Scotians, People of African Descent, persons with disability, First Nations, Indigenous Peoples, recent immigrants and racialized persons, and persons on Employment and Income Support Assistance.


How to Apply:

To apply for a bursary, please follow the below steps:

  • Choose an upcoming Coady Institute course eligible for a bursary.
  • Complete the applicable Coady course Application Form.
  • On the Application Form, select YES when you reach the question, ‘Do you wish to apply for a bursary?’.
  • If your application to the Coady course is accepted, your application for a bursary will then be reviewed.


If you have additional questions about the Bursary Program, please contact: