Centre for Employment Innovation

Black Lives Matter

We share in the pain, sorrow, frustration, and anger of all those individuals and partners who are working to fight injustice and improve lives each and every day. We acknowledge the violence and oppression being experienced by the Black community. The murder of George Floyd in the US and the protests in support of #BlackLivesMatter are a reminder of a struggle that has plagued our society for far too long.

Here in Nova Scotia we have our own history of systemic racism. We stand in solidarity with African Nova Scotians, People of African Descent, and global Black communities. Racism has no place in our society and we must continue to listen, learn, and work together to halt hatred of all forms.

Despite our sadness and outrage, we see this as a time of hope. We have seen Nova Scotians and Canadians across our country standing up, acknowledging #BlackLivesMatter, and speaking out against racism and acts of violence. Thank you for the leadership and action of the Black community in Nova Scotia, including that of our partners.

We know that communities, organizations, and individuals have the assets and strengths to collectively address the social, environmental, and economic challenges to better shape a future for all. Black communities are resilient and have the strengths and assets to drive meaningful change. We will continue to support this work, standing side by side using our collective strength.

The principles of the Antigonish Movement call for the dignity of human beings and for social reform through education so that social progress comes through the action of people working together. On this, our journey, we want to engage and work together for social reforms that include substantive changes in social and economic institutions, reforms based on equality and justice.

This is a moment for such action, as silence is not an option and only perpetuates the abuse. It is a time for real, authentic conversations and a time to educate ourselves, and those around us, on how best to continue to act against racism. Action that moves toward systemic change.

We are listening. We are learning. We stand united against racism and injustice.

The Centre for Employment Innovation (CEI) at St. Francis Xavier (StFX) University strengthens the development and delivery of employment services in Nova Scotia through various activities, partnerships, and projects. The CEI works diligently with its partners to provide distributed systems leadership; foster exemplary community, organizational, and career development practices; conduct applied and practitioner-based research; and encourage collaboration for a greater collective impact for all Nova Scotians.

Over the past two plus years, the employment services system has worked together to foster a more skilled, resilient, and productive workforce. The CEI and its partners aim to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion within workplaces, so that all Nova Scotians have opportunities to meaningfully engage in the workforce.

The CEI is an important component of the employment services ecosystem in Nova Scotia. As part of a systems-focused approach to service excellence, the CEI conducts its activities in collaboration with the network of community-based Nova Scotia Works employment services provider, the Nova Scotia Career Development Association (NSCDA), and the Province of Nova Scotia’s  Department of Labour and Advanced Education. (through Employment Nova Scotia). Through its diverse advisory board, its pilot and demonstration projects, and its rapidly growing applied research agenda, the CEI engages with many other employment-focused, career and community development organizations, and post-secondary institutions.

Through these innovative partnerships that push the boundaries to be more equitable, transparent, and accountable, the system works collectively to ensure that all Nova Scotians have access to high quality, evidence-based, and people-centered employment services and supports. The CEI and its system partners also work to ensure that employers receive the services and supports they need to create safe, welcoming, and inclusive workplaces.

The work of the CEI aims to shift the socio-economic development narrative in communities from a focus on weaknesses and deficits to an emphasis on strengths, opportunities, and assets. Further, the CEI complements the existing efforts underway at the StFX Extension Department’s Innovation and Enterprise Centre (IEC) that encourages social innovation, entrepreneurship, and enterprise activities across Nova Scotia. Through its relationships with a network of provincial workforce centres across Canada, and its growing partnership with StFX University’s Coady Institute, the CEI connects with leading organizations and institutions who offer exemplary practices in career development, community development, and social and economic innovation, and brings those practices back home. In the fall of 2020, Coady Institute will offer an inaugural certificate focused on the Future of Work and Workers which builds on the growing CEI partnership and Coady’s 60 years of partnership with leading community-based and non-governmental organizations globally.

Want to learn more about the recently completed and future activities of the Centre for Employment Innovation? Check out the new CEI Initiatives 2020 booklet!

Vous voulez en savoir plus sur les activités récemment réalisées et sur les activités futures du Centre pour l’innovation de l’emploi? Consultez la nouvelle brochure du CIE : Initiatives 2020!

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